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In the past, treatment for erectile dysfunction or ED took a uniform approach, beginning with a blue pill (Sildenafil) and then moving to other oral treatments like vardenafil and Tadalafil.

A healthy erection is a part of a healthy sex life for a man. Getting a penile erection frequently may be considered a good sign of a healthy relationship between you and your partner. But sometimes, getting erections randomly without any sexual stimulation may indicate something much more serious. An erection happening out of the blue can be embarrassing and at the same time may point you in the direction of erectile dysfunction. In men, sexual dysfunction declines over time, beginning from desire and arousal issue and affecting all domains of sexual health including erectile function, ejaculation, and orgasm. ED negatively affects a man’s relationship, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. If you are dealing with sexual dysfunction, then appropriate diagnosis and management of ED are of significance.

When You Get an Erection?

You get an erection when you are sexually stimulated. The brain sends signals to arteries in the penis which widens and allow it to be filled with blood, causing a hard rock-solid erection.

An erect penis looks harder, bigger and longer than a normal penis. When you achieve an erection, your penis will stop hanging loose and will stiffen to move away from your body. It stands straight at; an upward or downward angle. An erect penis can also curve up or down to one side. You get an erection when you are aroused or turned on. This can be from touching your penis or just even thinking intimate thoughts.

What Causes Erections?

Getting an erection is quite common in teenagers, it may even occur when they are not turned on or without touching the penis. This is normal and will happen, less often as you grow older.

-Most guys get erections when they are sleeping. The reason may be REM sleep (a sleep pattern that occurs at intervals during the night, which is characterized by rapid eye movement or body movement, fast breathing, and pulse rate), which seems to stimulate the erectile tissue. It is not yet completely understood why this happens. Many men get their penis erect 4 to 5 times when they are sleeping at night. The reason why erection occurs while sleeping is the urinary bladder being full, which stimulates nerves in a region similar to nerves responsible for erections.  

-One may experience a lot of random erections because of the constantly changing levels of testosterone in your body. This male sex hormone plays a significant role in forming an erection. An erection may be caused due to the hormonal level fluctuations causing a rise in testosterone (male sex hormone). A spike in testosterone may also be responsible for men experiencing random erections any time of the day. If a man experiences a random erection while sleeping or in any other situation, but struggle to perform between the sheets, it might be a sexual dysfunction called erectile dysfunction. Here, it is important to note that random erections are not uncommon at any age to wake up with an erection. But it’s still not clear if this is the case.

How Can It Affect Your Sex Life?

As mentioned above, experiencing random erections could be a sign of erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in which a man struggles to achieve or maintain an erection. Sexual disorder can cause severe distress. However, it is quite normal to face difficulty getting an erection once in a while, particularly when a man is tired, overstressed, or have been drinking. But it is a matter of concern if it happens frequently. Consult a urologist and get tested for sexual dysfunction. If diagnosed with ED, your health care specialist will prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs to treat your condition. Erectile dysfunction treatment will help you get rid of the erection issues.

How Can It Be Managed?

The first thing your urologist will do is to make sure you are getting the right treatment for your underlying health condition that could be causing or worsening your sexual dysfunction.

ED affects a growing number of American males, with a significant impact on sexual function and quality of life.  Today, you should expect your urologist or sex expert to work with you to personalize a sexual dysfunction treatment that meets your individual’s needs and help you achieve your life goals. There are numerous risk factors associated with sexual dysfunction including a strong link to a cardiovascular health issue. Men with ED should be screened for cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, the determinants of sexual activity in ageing men are numerous and variably range from relationship satisfaction, mental health, alcohol intake, sleep satisfaction, physical health, marital status, requiring a holistic approach to treatment.  Sildenafil, vardenafil, and Tadalafil are the common effective treatments for ED. buy Kamagra gold online from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price.

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