Dry skin diet plays an important role

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Generally, people with dry skin find it a bit difficult to maintain a good moisture level in the body and during winter it feels very scratchy. Whatever the season and condition, a perfect dry skin diet is always essential to keep it supple and healthy.

Every person has a different skin color, complexion and level of sensitivity. Maybe those who have naturally dry skin need to take extra care, but it’s much easier to maintain than you actually think. Healthy and balanced diet rich-in vitamins and minerals for dry skin is the first and foremost solution. Also, include healthy habits in your lifestyle to avoid several risks of skin problem. Remember that both over-washing and under-washing are undesired for healthy skin, so you have to understand the right method along with right food items in order to find a shining skin. There are several lotions, oils, creams and moisturizers available for skin care, but they cannot undermine the importance of certain dietary choices to combat itchy skin.

Dry skin diet plays an important role

You can list many food items that help you counter dryness of skin and keep it hydrated for a long time. Let’s understand some of those edibles:

  • Celery and Cucumber

Both celery and cucumber have sufficient amount of silica that can boost moisture level and elasticity in the body, so that your skin looks young, healthy and supple.

  • Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry is full of vitamin A that helps your body to increase collagen production, which is a vital element to keep your skin glowing, healthy and spot-free. The best time to take amla is early morning, empty stomach. This food product is also helpful to provide a natural shine to hair.

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  • Broccoli and spinach

You should increase the intake of green leafy vegetables as they have an abundance of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and several antioxidants that prove to be strong anti-aging agents. Some particularly required vitamins and minerals for dry skin are available in green vegetables that help you treat skin redness and blotches, under-eye circle, swelling or skin inflammation and onset of wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory properties available in spinach can flush out toxins from the body and provide a glowing skin.

  • Foods of omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the important elements to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. The particular foods rich-in omega-3 fatty acids include fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies, and sardines. If you don’t like fish, then omega-6s supplements are a very good option. You can take flaxseed oil, eggs, corn items and safflower oils. Salmon is the most ideal supplier of omega-3 acids and protein to reduce inflammation in the body and enhance the glow of skin.

  • Berries

Blueberries contain good amount of antioxidant agents as compared to any other fruits recommended under dry skin diet. These antioxidants help to keep your skin young, supple and smooth. You can eat strawberries for healthy radiance of skin, or make a paste of these berries to apply on your face. Berries have potent skin elixir that keeps your body healthy and young for a long time.

  • Tomato

Tomato is very common and very useful natural product to boost fresh look and glowing skin. Its potential antioxidant known as lycopene has many anti-ageing properties. Tomato paste works like a natural sunscreen and it also helps you treat blackheads and pimples. Make tomatoes your regular staple diet and they are easily available in every season.

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  • Coconut foods and oil

Coconut is another highly effective natural product that can shine your skin without rendering any side-effects. The anti-inflammatory properties available in coconut oil take care of the skin’s health. It also curbs the cravings for sugar and promotes weight loss to a great effect.

  • Oysters

Aphrodisiac shellfish has high amounts of minerals and proteins that can not only repair the damaged tissue, but also give you a younger look. Oysters are mostly recommended to take care of skin, eyes, hair and nails. You can take it at least once a week.

  • Water

Without water, your diet for dry skin will remain incomplete. The easily available low-cost water plays the most important role to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Water helps you prevent constipation, regulate body temperature and ease digestive system. Plus, water has some natural vitamins and minerals for dry skin with a great effect. At least 6-9 glasses of water a day is generally recommended for adults for keeping the body functions normal.


Different people take different solutions for dry skin; some rely on cosmetic products while some go for natural items. You take whatever you find effective but, a healthy and balanced diet has to be the first preference. If you are not regular with dry skin diet, then other measures will be of no use. And don’t forget to adjust your lifestyle as per the season; it does not strain your skin at all.

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