Five Minute Workout- The harder you Get, The Better you Achieve!

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Our strict schedule is the biggest hurdle towards achieving body fitness. Busy at work? Well, you don’t need an hour to workout. Aim for ten or five minute workout everyday and achieve best fitness results. A good five minute workout, increases fitness levels, improves health generates in us a greater sense of mental well-being.

Five Minute Workout

Committing to any fitness regimen means to plan out for the activities that can be completed with consistency.A good well thought fitness program would help us in achievingthe goals. First, you decide which type of exercises you would like to do on a regular basis. Whether it is included in afive- minute workout or for a long session, it doesn’t matter.A five- minute workout is very much required during the time we work in the office. Like sitting at the office deskmay affect the eyes and wrists. When we workout the body releases endorphins that improves our mood.During non- exercising days, the energy levels decrease and the mood automatically is not lightened. So make exercise your essential and top most priority in every day’s routine.

Given below we have discussed different workouts for abs that are good if regularly followed. These exercises will make us fit and can be performed by male, female and even senior citizens.

Abs workout for men

  • Spiderman plank crunch- This exercise is good for abs, to begin with, you first need to start in a traditional plank position. Keep your forearms on the ground and the body perfectly straight. Then bring the right knee in a forward position towards the right elbowand return to the plank position. Now repeat the procedure with the left knee towards the left elbow.  This is only one repetition, do alternate sides for a total of 10 complete reps.
  • Cable rotation- In this exercise, stand holding a cable by using both the hands out, in front of you. Keep it at just under the shoulder height. Then keep arms fixed and straight, abs engaged and properly rotate the upper body to your left, then get back to center and then to the right, and finally back to center again. Keep changing the sides. Do ten complete reps for better results.
  • Side plank- This exercise for abs is very challenging than any other traditional plank as it supports the entire body weight on two points of contact in place of four.To follow this, you first need to lie on your left side with the elbow beneath shoulders and legs stacked. Now place the right hand on the left shoulder or the right hip. Brace your abs and try to lift the hips off the floor until you balance on the forearm and feet. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Switch the sides and then repeat.
  • Bicycle crunch- The Bicycle Crunch is the best abs exercise one can try. To start, first you need to put a mat on the ground where you must lie on your back and the hands behind the head. Legs should be raised and bent at the 90 degrees. Change the sides by bringing the right elbow towards the left knee and then the left elbow towards the right knee building up to sixty seconds. Make sure you hold the crunch for a two- count on both the sides to force a slower and concentrated movement.

Abs workout for women

  • Lunge with rotation- First, you need to grab a 5 to 15 pound dumbbell with both the hands. Stand with the feet hip width apart and arms straight forward. Move a step ahead with the left foot and bracing the abs, try to twist the torso to the left as you bend the knees and lower the body until both the legs makes 90- degree angle. Now you must twist back to the center position. Push the left foot and stand back up. Repeat the same with the other leg. Do two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps for better results.
  • Hip-thigh raise- Keep a mat and lie on the back with the right knee bent and left leg extended. Try to rest your arms on the floor, palms up at the shoulder level and with the hips about 2 inches off from the floor. Now you may raise the hips to form a straight line from your shoulders to the left foot. Try to hold for two counts and then again return to the start. You must do 10-15 reps on each side.

Abs workout for seniors

There are some low-impact abs exercises for senior citizens as well. Not even men, women but every individual should perform workout for better health results.Doing evenfive minute workout abs, improves the fitness level, mental well-being and makes seniors physically active in the old age.

  • Knee lifts- Knee lifts help to work on the lower abdominal muscles, whereas they do not add any tension in the back. It can be performed by standing or while seated in a chair. Lift the right foot 3 to 5 inches off the ground. Now you must draw your belly button into the spine for the support. Try to hold for two counts, lower and then switch the sides. You must repeat the steps 10-12 times on each side.
  • Upper-Abdominal Crunch-  As the upper abdominal muscles are located above the belly button, this portion of the muscles are meant to support the back while lifting our chest for good posture. The low-impact workouts for the upper abdominal help to strengthen the support system. You just have to sit in a chair with a long spine. Bring the hands behind the head and keep elbows wide. Inhale or as long as you exhale, bring your chin towards the chest and engage the upper abdominals. This exercise can be done standing also, and you need to repeat this 10-12 times for better results.


Undoubtedly workout for long hours provides many benefits to the body. But to prevent any struggle you can go for afive- minute workout at home or the office too. An exercise will bless you with a perfect body, glowing skin and disease free life. Follow the best workout techniques and do it with consistency to enjoy the numerous health benefits in the long run.



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