How to get rid of Melasma

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If your face is characterized by brown patches, tanning marks or dark spots, it could be a skin condition called Melasma which is actually a kind of facial pigmentation. This condition is also called chloasma or a ‘mask of pregnancy’ which usually occurs in pregnant women. The occurrence of melasma is more common in women than men. It is not an adamant condition if one knows how to get rid of Melasma with the help of some homemade solutions as well as medications.

How does melasma occur? It is still unclear why melasma occurs and what are the exact factors triggering this condition. However, there are some risk factors that could cause dark patches on the skin. The hormonal imbalance is the most common factor associated with melasma. The intake of birth control pills, thyroid, stress, unhealthy environment, exposure of skin to UV rays, hormone therapy, estrogen sensitivity, and pregnancy could also be a cause of this condition. Some researchers claim that melasma occurs because of the excess creation of colour by the skin’s colour-making cells or melanocytes. It can also happen due to genetic factors.

Where does Melasma occur?

There are three typical skin areas of the face where melasma occurs quite often. These areas include the jawline, cheekbones and central part of the face. Other than that, it can occur on the chin, forehead, middle area of the nose, neck, arm, and chest. Melasma can take place on any skin area which is more exposed to the sun. Therefore, if you learn how to get rid of melasma, you can deal with the condition comfortably wherever it occurs.

Treatment of melasma:

Melasma occurs between the ages of 20 and 40 in most cases. Experts suggest some ways to manage this condition and find a fair look. Home treatments and medications are considered to get rid of this condition.

The melasma treatment at home is very effective in removing dark patches and improving skin tone. Such home solutions include:

  • Wear sunscreen of SPF 30
  • Wear protective clothing to avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid skin wax
  • Avoid chemical contact with skin
  • Drink more water to hydrate the skin
  • Take nutritious food regularly
  • Sweat to unclog skin pores

Some medications are also effective to deal with melasma. You can take the help of some prescribed topical steroids, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, tretinoin-rich lotions, laser treatment (in rare cases) and tri luma cream. They show you an effective way how to get rid of melasma without distorting the natural texture of the skin.

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