Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection Online

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Human chorionic gonadotropin injection can be used as prescription medicine for multiple purposes, primarily for fertility treatments. HCG is approved by the US Food and drug administration (FDA) to treat female fertility.

HCG for fertility Aid

Men can take hCG to boost their sperm production. At the same time, women can use it to induce ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary), often in combination with scheduled intercourse or various fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination. According to research studies, receiving hCG shots under medical supervision can boost fertility, increase the pregnancy rate, and succeed in many fertility procedures. When used for the treatment of infertility, the exact type and quantity of hCG prescribed, as well as your specific fertility treatment protocol, will be decided as per you and your partner’s medical requirements. Pre-filled syringes may be given to women to inject at home or after intercourse or infertility treatment for women with fertility issues. Your gynaecologist will provide you with detailed information on when and how to administer these shots. You can also visit your gynaecologist’s clinic to receive the shots. It is important that the Hormonal shots only be received as prescribed and directed by your physician.

HCG is given as an injection into a muscle. If you use the injection at home, your doctor will give you specific instructions on how and where to inject the drug. Do not self-inject if you do not completely understand the instructions given by your physician. Also, you should be aware of properly disposing of used needles and syringes. The medicine has side effects, too; therefore, it should be used under proper medical guidance. 

Important information

Stop using HCG shots and get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction after using HCG shots. These signs of an allergic reaction are breathing difficulties, swelling of your face, tongue, lips, or throat. Speak to your physician straight away if you develop signs of a blood clot. These include redness, warmth, confusion, extreme dizziness, tingling in your arms, or severe headache.  Buy HCG injections online at Premiumrxdrug, purchase authentic HCG in various forms. The online pharmacy offers quality products to its customers at the best price. Purchase real HCG shots from a trustworthy source. 


HCG helps develop an egg in a woman’s ovary and stimulate the release of the egg during ovulation. Its use under medical supervision increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. You can buy HCG online at the best price.

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