Infertility in Men – Causes and Treatments

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Infertility can equally affect both men and women, so why should we blame or think about the women only. Infertility in men is quite prevalent, and it requires adequate attention to treating.

If a couple is unable to reproduce or conceive, then traditionally our first attention goes to the fertility of women; it may be because men are more often reluctant to seek medical advice to treat infertility. But we should not forget that man might also handle the condition. The issue of male infertility is so pertinent that it accounts almost half of the total cases of infertility registered worldwide.

Anatomy of male fertility:

Male fertility refers a process in which man can make his partner conceive properly. This process takes place through some stages or conditions, and if a man fails at any stage, then it will disturb the whole process.

The first and foremost condition is that man must have healthy and productive sperm; the second condition denotes the flow of sufficient sperm with the semen during intercourse, and in the third stage the sperm should reach or penetrate the woman’s egg. Once this cycle completes successfully, then your partner can conceive.

Causes of male infertility:

There are different causes of infertility in men that can be divided into three major categories such as medical causes, lifestyle and health related causes and environmental causes. Here is glimpse of those causes included under these categories.

Under medical causes of infertility, men develop some health issues that deter them from being able to produce the sufficient number of sperm and send them to the partner’s egg. These medical issues include:

  • Infection

Some infections cause blockage in the flow of sperm. There may be some sexually transmitted infections like HIV and gonorrhea, and inflammation of the epididymis or testicles. Such infections can partially or permanently damages testicular that affects the capacity of reproduction.

  • Hormone imbalance

Any disorders happened to the testicles can directly affect the efficiency of hormonal systems that involve pituitary, adrenal glands, hypothalamus, and thyroid. The hormonal problem leads low testosterone, that becomes an issue of infertility in men at large.

  • Prior surgeries

The proper flow of sperm can be affected by certain surgeries like vasectomy, testicular operation, prostate surgery, inguinal hernia surgery. Since different small tubes carry sperm, any injury or surgery can create a blockage in the tube(s). This interruption can occur at any level, affecting the drainage of the testicle.

  • Cancer

The presence of a tumor in the body can affect the reproduction capacity of man. Its effect on the reproductive organs can disturb the secretion of hormones; furthermore, the exposure to radiation or chemotherapy makes an impact on male fertility.

Other medical causes:

Some more medical causes include ejaculation problem, defects in chromosome or sperm abnormality, Celiac problem, Varicocele, activation of anti-sperm antibodies, certain medication, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Factors related to your lifestyle and health severely affect the male reproduction capacity. Some of these factors include alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, intake of illicit drugs, physical and emotional stress, obesity, bicycling, sitting job, lack of full sleep, excess of masturbation, lack of a balanced diet, weak immune system and so on.

The environmental causes of male infertility refer the exposure to certain environmental elements such as industrial chemicals, smoke and pollution, radiation, overheating of the testicles, consumption of polluted water and foods.

Treatment of male fertility:

The diagnosis of infertility in men starts with some specific tests to check the severity level. Under these tests, doctors undertake:

  • Genetic testing to figure out sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Test for chromosomal defects
  • Sexual history, including any sexually transmitted diseases
  • Semen analysis for the assessment of health and quantity of sperm
  • Examination of hormone levels in blood
  • Imaging tests to understand structural problems

Ways of infertility treatment:

  • Medications and surgery

Male infertility treatment depends on addressing the medical conditions. Doctors prefer drug therapy to rectify hypogonadism and hormonal disorders, while surgery is conducted to repair Varicose veins and remove any obstructions present in the reproductive tract.

  • ICSI solution

Doctors perform intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) along with vitro fertilization (IVF) to make woman conceive. It’s like an artificial solution in which a single sperm is injected into the egg with the help of IVF. This fertilized egg is carefully implanted inside the woman. This solution of infertility in men is widely used and is legal in many countries. The most important thing is you have to choose a good fertility clinic with expert technicians.

  • Focus on diet and lifestyle

The issue of male infertility is greatly resolved through the changes in lifestyle and food intake. Go for regular exercise and morning walk, quit smoking and alcohol, and take nutritious and balanced meal to mitigate the severity of infertility. Take the help of health experts, or dieticians to know what food items should be taken more.


Male fertility is a reality that we all have to confess without playing the blame game. What you can do and should do that, take appropriate infertility treatment to improve the condition. Emphasize more on lifestyle changes and diet alone. Proper counseling or expert advice also plays a role in the fight with infertility in men. Most of the cases of infertility can be diagnosed so don’t let depression to overcome yourself.

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