The need for bathroom safety

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You walk into your home thinking it’s the safest place on earth, but as soon as you step into the bathroom, you slip and bang your face against the ground. Can you imagine yourself in this situation? This same scenario has indeed been occurring to more than million people across the globe. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the most likely places to slip and fall off.

Right from minor scratches, bone fractures to terrible head injuries, the statistics have been soaring tremendously. This has stirred into a matter of concern for everyone. Why aren’t there enough precautions given to people? Senior adults, grown-ups, and even children have undergone the wrath of improper bathroom safety. Read on further to look into this grave matter that should keep you vigilant at all times:

  • What does research have to say?

As per an investigation conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is stated that around one in three adults who age 65 and older experience a drastic fall. This could cause major or minor bruises. Sometimes, the seniors even succumb to their injuries. Here is a quick glimpse concerning the statistics:

  • 85% of fall-related deaths comprise of people from the age group of 65 years and above.
  • A number of falls result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • In 2009, it was found that more than 2.2 million older adults had to be treated in emergency rooms with one-quarter of them being admitted to hospitals.
  • The older adults, who fell, were traumatized and reduced their physical activities that led to a loss of fitness amongst them.
  • Bathtubs and shower related injuries occur in children younger than 5 years old.
  • The things you need to consider at home

There are plenty of potential hazards because the bathroom surface is usually slippery. It is vital to stay safe while moving around in the bathroom. People with joint pain, muscle weakness, physical disabilities, or any other issues need to be cautious of accidentally tripping on the floor. An elevated toilet seat helps prevent falls. You could also opt for a special commode seat called as portable bidet. It sprays warm water and dry air, so you don’t have to use your fingers to clean yourself. Today, there are major products available in the market that makes life easier as well as safeguards you from any bathroom accident. It is suitable to those who are physically unstable as well as recovering from illnesses or surgeries.

  • Tips to prevent falls and stay safe

You can rely on the following bathroom safety tips and ensure protection of your loved ones and yourself:

        i. Put away those throw rugs:

Rugs are the biggest reason for tripping. Instead of using them, you could opt for non-slip suction mats or rubber silicone decals and secure them tightly to the floor to prevent you from falling off. Non-skid mats help in firm footing even when placed beside a tub. Make use of non-slip footwear that builds a strong grip for your feet.

      ii. Keep it dry and clean:

People need to make sure the bathroom floor is kept dry at all times. Even a small volume of water spilled on the floor is enough to make you slip and hurt yourself. A heavy shower curtain is beneficial to prevent water from leaking onto the floor.

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    iii. Set the right temperature of water and use of electrical appliances:

Hot water burns is another dreadful mishap that can occur in the bathroom. It is usually ignored by many but is a cause for the increase in the number of death cases due to bathroom accidents. As a part of your bathroom safety, make sure you have installed a single lever on the faucet to mix hot and cold water appropriately as per your choice. The ideal temperature, at which you need to set the water, is 120 ° F to prevent burns.  Electronic shaver, hair dryers, and other gadgets should be kept away from the sink. Its contact with water could cause diffusion of electrical circuits.

     iv. Place grab bars or rails:

Imagine that you accidentally slip, but thankfully there was a rail that you held onto at the very last minute. These rails and bars are a blessing in disguise around the bathroom, shower, and toilet. They need to be installed correctly and securely, to help you balance or hold as you walk. These days, manufacturers have designed various types and sizes of bars and handles to bear your weight.

       v. Use of adequate lighting:

People often make a mistake as far as lighting and safety in the bathroom is concerned. It is a common notion that bathrooms don’t require light during the day. In fact, some homes avoid using light during the day while some prefer using dim lights at nights. Both are entirely wrong. Be it day or the night; install an illuminated light within the bathroom. Also, make sure that these bulbs do not glare brightly, lest it could cause unnecessary strain in eyes leading to a nasty fall.

     vi. Make use of a shower seat:

A shower or bath tub seat is of excellent use as it allows you to sit comfortably without any hassles. Even after bathing, you could comfortably get up and step out of your tub.

   vii. Soaps, shampoos, and oils:

Sometimes, in the quest of reaching out to your shampoo bottle you either end up straining your arm or hurting your leg. Ensure that your soaps, shampoos, and scrubbers are within eye-level to maintain comfortable reach. Avoid using oils in the bathroom. They only make matters worse.

     viii. Shower heads

Install handheld or adjustable showerheads. It helps minimize movement in the shower. You can use it while safely sitting on a bath seat or bench. Be careful while using the heads to avoid dropping it on your feet.

     ix. Empty the tub completely:

In a rush to get out, we step out without draining the tub. At times, this causes leakage of water onto the floor. Make sure you drain out the entire bathtub before leaving the room. This is another excellent bathroom safety tip that always works.

       x. Do not haste:

You may be in a hustle to get going. But, ultimately, you would just end up spending more time in the hospital. So, try to take it as easy as possible. Avoid rushing in the bathroom. Let your feet take appropriate steps while you walk. It should not be too big as well as not too small.

Time and again it is repeated that prevention is better than cure. So, why do you want to end up getting hurt and then rush to the hospital? Use the bathroom safety tips mentioned above to stay away from mishaps. In case of a fall, make it a point to visit a doctor immediately and check for internal or external injuries. Don’t ignore, but get them treated with care. Wherever you may be, stay healthy and stay fit.



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