Nuts can increase the sperm count

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If you are facing male fertility issues and if you are wondering about male fertility diet, then, this information can clear all your doubts. You can increase sperm count by having a handful of nuts daily.

Yes! Nuts are very good for men’s reproductive system. According to many scientists in the last half century there is a big drop in the male sperm count at an average in the men all over the world.

Male infertility is very common now a days and there are various reasons for the loss of fertility in males like:

Too much of an indulgence in smoking and alcohol consumption

Very less physical activity

Too much of overweight or obesity problems

All these can surely create a great hindrance in the proper functioning of male reproductive health. There are many things that you can do to increase your sperm count.

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Understanding sperm count:

Sperm count is the easiest and the most common measurable part to determine the reproductive health of a man. Sperm count is number of sperms ejaculated at a time with semen. A sperm count can vary anything between 15 million to 150 million per milliliter. It is considered normal till the sperm count is above 22 million/ml.

There are many factors that may interfere with sperm count, like environmental factors, hormonal imbalances, chemical exposure and even infrequent sex can also play a very important role to reduce the sperm count.

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Male fertility diet:

Male fertility diet does not vary much from the female fertility diet. But there are some specific nutrients that are needed to be added to the diet of a male individual who is suffering from fertility problems.

Include walnuts as they can increase sperm count, similarly cashews and almonds also increase male virility. As said earlier, nuts are a good source of nutrients necessary for the male reproductive health and each nut has its own unique combination of nutrients.

Here is a short list of a few nuts to emphasize that:

Almonds are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin E

Cashews contains non-haem iron that is only plant based

Chestnuts are rich in fiber and vitamin C

Brazil nuts and pecans contain fiber and selenium, plus pecans are also rich in antioxidants

Pine nuts are known for their vitamin E content

The yummy pistachios are good source of protein, antioxidants and minerals like potassium

The crunchy walnuts add alpha linoleic acid and antioxidants in the diet

The nuts have a high nutritional value and these specific nutrients present in the nuts will help to improve the male virility.

Male fertility diet

The nutrients and their benefits:

Zinc- it plays a very important role in the healthy formation and maturation of sperm. It also helps to increase the levels of testosterone hormone.

Vitamin A,D,E,K improves the sperm count and protects their maturation phase.

All the minerals iron, selenium, potassium and magnesium play an important role in the development and improvement of sperm count.

Beta carotene plays a very important role improving the sperm count and improving the concentration as well as sperm motility

Omega three fatty acids are meant for the regulation of hormone production in the body.

Low sperm levels, poor quality sperms, poor motility and low concentration can mean that there is something wrong at the hormonal levels in the body, especially at the levels of prostaglandins.

L-arginine and Vitamin B are very helpful in the treatment of low sperm count. It is
also known to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction in males.

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According to the latest research the low sperm count is a common problem among males today and the lower sperm count may be defined as something as low as 20 million sperms per milliliter of the semen. This problem has increased since 1992, a Danish study reports. Hence, eating nuts is not a single solution to this problem. You should also consider various factors like healthy lifestyle, healthy dietary habits, increased physical activeness, least exposure to chemical and hormones present in the environment.

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