Removing Acne Scars with Tretinoin Cream

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How do you treat acne and pimples that recur frequently? The one way is to leave such marks as it is as and wait for their natural disappearance; another way is to take a skin care treatment. You have to think about the sensitivity of your skin before applying any harsh chemical-made skin care products. In this regard, removing acne scars with Tretinoin Cream can be a good option and it will please you with natural effectiveness.

Tretinoin for Acne Treatment:

Tretinoin belongs to a retinoids group. It has the capacity to hydrate your skin and eliminate acne and pimple marks without irritating the skin texture. Dermatologists recommend this cream to decrease the severity and number of acne marks. This ingredient promotes quick healing of acne and other skin blemishes by affecting the growth of skin cells. Tretinoin cream is available in the strength of 0.5 percent in this skin care solution that you can easily apply on the affected area. Users can experience a good improvement in the appearance of their skin with the reduced roughness, fine lines, wrinkles and acne marks within a few weeks of application.

What does Tretinoin Cream contain?

Tretinoin is the main active ingredient of this topical cream. The other elements of this skin care cream are sorbic acid, polyolprepolymer-2, butylated hydroxytoluene, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, xanthan gum, isopropyl myristate, polyoxyl 40 stearate, and purified water. These ingredients are also helpful in removing acne scars with Tretinoin Cream.

The function of Tretinoin:

Tretinoin affects the growth of the skin’s tissues. This ingredient can reverse the growth of acne and pimples by unclogging the skin pores. However, this cream does not treat skin tan and blackheads, and one has to take the prescription for using the Tretinoin Cream.

Some ingredients of tretinoin cream may interact with hair perming solutions, resorcinol or salicylic acid, products containing alpha hydroxy acid, alcohol/lime/menthol-containing products, soaps and cleansers, products containing sulfur, glycolic acid, and cosmetic products. Such interactions may increase the sensitivity of skin and irritate skin tissues. Therefore, it is suggested to take a doctor’s prescription before using other products along with the tertian cream.

How to use Tretinoin Cream:

Tretinoin Cream is for the topical use only. You can take a little amount on your fingertips and then apply it on the affected area. Don’t take an excess amount otherwise it may increase side effects and acne problem would remain as is. Wash your skin and dry it for a while before applying the cream. Usually, it is recommended to use once a day for 4-5 weeks to treat acne.


Avoid it if you are allergic to tretinoin or any other ingredients of this acne solution. It is advised to avoid sun exposure immediately after using the cream, and do not use any other chemically made products for at least an hour after the application of tretinoin.

Side Effects:

The possible side effects of tretinoin topical cream are burning, stinging, or irritation of the skin. If you are looking for removing acne scars with Tretinoin Cream, you can ignore its mild side effects.

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