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If you have been frustrated with too many tips to lose weight and still unable to zero in on one or two then you need to concentrate only on some specific weight loss exercises, those which can  help you achieve a perfect figure.

Undoubtedly, obesity has become a serious issue affecting people from different age groups across the world. Many health problems emanating from obesity or overweight make it an arduous journey for the people to carry on. That’s why in the rush of following the weight loss ways, many people take a wrong and long route that somehow further precipitates the condition. Physical workout offers the most effective weight loss solution that you can feel week after week. In a way, physical exercise will encourage you to lose more and more in order to fit in the ideal frame.

Let’s see some of those highly recommended weight loss exercises that promise you shed more.

highly recommended weight loss exercises

  • Strength exercise

When it comes to losing weight through work out, the strength exercise is considered to be the leading one. Strength training not only helps you slim down, but also keeps the heart rate elevated over a long time. Many have a misconception about weight exercise that it could add more fat to your body and makes it bulkier, but that’s a wrong notion, instead it sheds pounds and builds strong muscles.

Typically, strength exercise helps you burn more calories within minutes than any other weight loss methods. Take it up 3 to 4 times a week to achieve a toned body. Go for push-ups (chest, shoulders, and arms), biceps, triceps, back and legs’ training under a strength exercise program. The more you sweat in the gym, the more you lose weight!

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As the name suggests this training program includes fat-burning exercise along with short intervals. You have to warm up your body, then warm down and again warm up – this process to continue for about 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. When you do reps, you have to make it hard with greater intensity; otherwise HIIT would not provide the desired results. This fitness regime also increases the production of hormones that intensifies the metabolic process and thereby you go on burning extra fats. HIIT is one of the powerful weight loss exercises that you can do indoors.

  • Swimming

Whether you like freestyle, butterfly or breast stroke, swimming in every form is always effective to lose weight considerably. It helps you to burn up to 350 calories within 30 minutes and tone up your body in a good shape. When you swim, every part of your body remains active and this practice complements other weight loss ways to a great effect. Make it your regular exercise to enhance immunity and muscle building.

  • Outdoor cycling

Go for outdoor cycling to burn fat. Cycling through different terrains and conditions is a different feeling as compared to the indoor or static cycling. If you want to strengthen your lower limb muscles, cycling is the best exercise that helps you burn up to 350 calories in an hour.

  • Jogging

Jogging or running gives an ideal way to lose weight within fewer time limits. It activates every part of your body and burns the extra fat quite effectively. Make a routine for running and sprinting for at least 4 days a week. Jogging also ensures high blood circulation and strong muscles as well as high metabolism required to burn the excess calories.

  • Dance to burn calories

There was a time when dance was not included among the weight loss exercise but now it has become a popular part of fat-burning activities. You just dance and sweat it out to find a slim look. Popularly termed as Zumba – it involves some dance steps that you enjoy, so you don’t feel bored while burning calories. This practice also proves to be an effective stress-buster and a significant way to improve muscle strength. Just play a dance number and freely shake your body. Maybe you will sweat after some time, but won’t feel so tired. Take Zumba for slim look and it’s nothing less than fun!

  • Power yoga

Core power yoga is also recommended to combat obesity without straining your body much. It involves cardiovascular exercises that are performed at a fast pace in a heated room or enclosed place. Power yoga helps strengthen your muscles, particularly back, abdomen, hip and pelvis. It also helps you to enhance body stamina and reduce physical and mental stress.

Surya Namaskar is also considered among the effective weight loss ways being followed by many people. This yoga comprises a series of 12 different postures that you perform, especially in the morning. This particular yoga helps you to make your skeletal system and ligaments stronger. Surya Namaskar is also known for reducing stress, body pain and ligaments to a great extent.

  • Sports for fat-burning

The importance of sports in losing weight cannot be underestimated as they can make your body slim and active. Some particular sports like basketball kick boxing, tennis, trekking, hiking, football, and hockey demand good physical workout and sweating that ultimately helps your body to burn more calories.

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There is no difference in opinions about the significance of physical workout in the weight loss arena. Curbing your appetite and taking hard medicines to lose may render some undesired side effects, whereas weight loss exercises offer a healthy solution. No matter if you have started gaining weight or not, practicing the physical exercises is always fruitful to achieve a slim look.

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