What Causes ED in Men

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ED stands as Erectile Dysfunction and often people call it as impotence as well. ED is defined as the inability to attain adequate penis erection during sexual intercourse. In normal cases, ED leads a dissatisfaction between the partners. For a man, it can be a devastating situation in front of his partner which directly affect his self-esteem. Millions of men in America are struggling with this disorder.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Earlier it was a notion that ED condition generally arises due to a psychological problem or in older men (due to their age factor). But with the help of thorough medical study and as per the belief of urologists it has been clarified that psychological problem or age factor is not only the cause of ED.

Sexual arousal in man is a complex process as it involves working of hormones, emotion, brain, nerves, blood vessels & muscles and the Erectile dysfunction condition can affect any man having any of these issues. Not only this, but mental health and stress can also even worsen the ED condition. The combination of psychological and physical issues sometimes causes ED. For example, a minor physical condition when slowing down your sexual response, the anxiety to maintain erection results in ED.

Some of the common physical causes of erectile dysfunction are Heart disease, high BP, high cholesterol, clogged blood vessels, diabetes, obesity, Parkinson disease, metabolic syndrome, the access use of tobacco and alcohol, sleeping disorders, certain medication, injuries, or any other medical condition.

The psychological causes of ED are stress, depression, anxiety, relationship stress, other mental health conditions etc. Our brain plays a vital role to trigger the series of physical events. And ED can affect your intimacy if your brain is not calm and free.

In younger men, ED is mostly found due to psychological problems. Stress and anxiety may arise due to poor communication with the sexual partner. The other factors that are linked to sexual difficulties are Fatigue, personal sexual fear, feeling alone or inadequacy, rejection by parents or peers, sexual childhood abuse.

Best techniques to treat ED

The best techniques to prevent or treat erectile dysfunction is to follow a healthy lifestyle and overcome with existing health conditions if any. For example:

– Consult your healthcare provider to manage your diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic health conditions.

– Limit your smoke and alcohol intake. Also, don’t use illegal drugs (such as marijuana).

– Exercise daily and join yoga or meditation classes to reduce stress level if you have.

– Eat healthily and avoid junk food as much as its possible.

– Join friends, colleges, and family to overcome anxiety or depression.

– Don’t forget to go for regular checkups and health tests. you can buy Kamagra gold for treatment of erectile dysfunction

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