Wisely select salad ingredients to lose weight

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Don’t wonder if you hear that the intake of salad can spoil your weight loss plan. Yes, you may find it difficult to accept, but it’s true that some particular salads can make you obese.

Generally, we think that salads are loaded with a variety of veggies that add a supplement to your meal in a healthy way. It happens because we tend to ignore those toppings that have different effects on the body. Salads made by mixing the high calorie toppings can encourage weight gain. There is no denying that a particular salad is sabotaging your weight loss, but we cannot put all types of salad in the same league. Therefore, it’s important to understand those items that are making your salad a cause of obesity.

  • Cheese cube in salad

Cheese is known to add more fat to your body, no matter in what form you consume it. The high calories found in cheese can increase the amount of saturated fat in the body. Typically, one medium size cheese cube contains as much as 85 calories, so if you take 3-4 cheese cubes in a salad, it becomes a full-fledged meal to boost weight gain. You must try to avoid the inclusion of cheese in salad and try to replace it with other green veggies that increase metabolism.

  • Crispy noodles, add weight

The presence of crispy noodles in the salad looks good, but not so good for resisting obesity or weight loss program. Since these noodles are packed with a lot of calories, even their small quantity can add up considerable fat to your body; just one bowl of such noodles can supply up to 150 calories. So you can understand why it’s not desired to combat overweight.

  • Avoid topping cream 

Those who are going through the intense weight loss program must avoid flavored mayonnaise and cream in the salad. The sugarcoated creams can negate the healthy attributes of green veggies mixed in a salad. Moreover, creamy dressings are not so healthy for the children. If you think the cream-mixed salad is sabotaging your weight loss plan, you can add some other fat-free items like yogurt and cherries to make your salad tastier and healthier.

  • Keep distance from dried fruits

People with overweight must stay away from salads, mixed with dried fruit, nuts, pasta salads, roasted seeds, and mayonnaise laden meat products like chicken and tuna. There are some specific dried fruits that you can try. Be watchful while choosing seafood and chicken for salad as they can add up high amount of unwanted fats to your body. High fat meats such as sausage, beef, and ham are also not recommended to take for reducing weight.

Salad ingredients recommended for weight loss:

It’s very essential to eat salad to pace-up the weight-loss process, but you have to be choosy while ordering such supplements. Search for the specific food items that are widely recommended to take up for slim figure.

Salad ingredients recommended for weight loss

  • Cruciferous veggies

Foods like broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, Brussels and others are known to enhance metabolism in the body and thereby they help you to lose weight at your ease. Mix them in your regular salads or make a variety of recipes of the green vegetables. It’s better if a little amount of these green vegetables you can to eat straight. They can help you shed unnecessary calories.

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  • Beans

Don’t forget to take beans if you want to lose weight keeping the essential nutrients intact. Beans promise some positive effects on your metabolism to burn extra fat. Eat a variety of beans in your regular meals or make side dishes; they are robust to curb the increment of calories causing obesity.

  • Cucumber salad

A very common and tasty food item Cucumber makes a perfect salad for all whether you are taking it for weight loss or just for the nutritious value. Cucumber can be included in the metabolism-boosting plan. This green veg helps to hydrate your body while its plenty of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber are essential to lower the caloric level. Many people love to eat cucumber slices even when they are not taking the regular meal. Add cucumber to a sandwich or combine it with other salad items, it makes a healthy mix of foods.

  • Fruits for salad

Adding fruits to your salad is not a bad idea. Many fitness experts advise to take fruits like apple, grapes, pineapples, pears, orange, watermelon, and berries to boost-up metabolism. If your regular salad is sabotaging your weight loss efforts then you can try something different with a number of fruits. They not only help you burn calories but also compensate the nutritious value of the regular foods.

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A wise selection of food items in salad is very important as the high-caloric ingredients can encourage obesity whereas some green veggies can burn fat considerably. Those who are looking for the effective weight loss program must understand the value of salad. Whether you eat salad as a food supplement or take it straight, its quantity and value can make a difference in fat-burning process.

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