The cost you have to pay to get a lean body

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Everyone desires to look perfect. You either need to be a size zero or have a six-pack body within in a limited time frame. Have you ever wished you had a physique like a particular celebrity or perhaps, even a friend? It’s the latest fad that is being portrayed by gyms and fitness training centers. But, they say that everything good arrives with a heavy price tag. The same implies to our health as well.

In an effort to lose weight, you end up losing so many other things which have been dear to you. Or perhaps you may have been habituated to particular things, and now all of a sudden, you have to give up on them. It is as similar as losing something to gaining something else. And to achieve that you need to undergo pain after sacrificing your daily habits. But, now not anymore! You can still work on getting that chiseled, lean body while enjoying your life. Read further to understand the real trade-offs that you need to cross-check while aiming towards a healthy life.

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  • Few misconceptions that you need to avoid

There are a few common myths that you need to put away. It is believed that minor changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise regime can lead to drastic changes in your body such as big biceps, and tight glutes exactly like a magazine cover model. This is entirely false. Truth is that the first few pounds are harder to shed rather than the last few ones. As you start getting leaner, it takes up more work.

The other myth is that losing weight means deprivation, starvation, pain, intolerable sacrifice. But, in reality, models usually use Photoshop to get that perfect lean body. Bodybuilders are only focused towards winning competitions. So, if you want to achieve a toned body you have to work strenuously for it. And this is something; most people aren’t prepared to place their bets on, because of the undeniable efforts that you need to endeavor.

  • Statistics of the level of body fat:

As per research, men, who are healthy, have body fat within the range of 11 to 22%, and women have between 22 to 33%. Right now in the US, it is found that the average man has around 28% fat while the average woman walks around with 40% fat. This is an excessive level of fat that should be cut down.

  • The trade-offs that will keep you fit:

 Getting things started:

People assume that an obese person cannot turn fit. Truth is that it may be slightly hard, but not impossible to slide down from over-fat to the higher end of ‘normal’. Building lean muscle is essential that just having body fat. This fat leads to harmful illnesses, heart diseases and other intestinal disorders. Quick and easy-to-implement changes are seen as the apt thing to do, in order to make a difference. Drinking less quantity of soda or alcohol each day, can improve the heart health. You may crave for desserts and have a sweet tooth. It is understandable, but how do you still work on that physique? Try eating them in small reasonable quantities. Gradually there will be a time when you will feel like abstaining from it. Take up daily, or weekly yoga classes. If there are no health issues like chronic problems, this consistent regime will work wonders, and you will notice a drop in the percentage of your body fat.

From your body from ‘overweight’ to ‘moderate’ to ‘lean’:

Once you adopt the above diet, you will notice changes in your diet and behavior as well. If you have been a hard-core junk foodie, you will find yourself carrying an apple in your bag. Include varieties of salad with dinner and keep a tab on the quantity of drinks you gulp down. After a couple of months, you will discover a new you. You start to feel good about yourself and can lean muscles appear. Knees don’t hurt; clothes fit perfect, jeans a little loose at the waist. You’re turning flexible and marching towards a healthy zone. There are significant changes involved when a man needs to reduce body fat from 20- 14% to 14-8%. Even in the case of a woman, she would have to pull down her body fat from 30-24% all the way till 24-18%. Both men and women would have to make drastic alterations in their eating habits. The more the changes, the more the trade-offs!

Transforming from lean to slimmer:

A man is never content with what he receives. This is true even in the context of fitness. Once, you are lean; the next aim is to get fitter, stronger, and better. You need to increase your daily exercises, munch on vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and lean proteins. At the same time, you need to figure out how to plan efficiently, get serious about rest and recovery, and learn about physical hunger and fullness cues. Alcohol and processed food need to see a downfall. When you are not physically hungry, avoid hogging food. Over a period, you will start to realize that all your efforts are not going in vain. It is worth the time and money. Most people are ready to compromise a little to look their best. For those who don’t wish to adapt and adjust, they go back to their earlier unhealthy lifestyle. Down the lane, they are surely going to head for trouble with cardiovascular and heart ailments.

Going super-lean:

This phase is only meant for the brave-hearted who are ready to lead disciplined lives. But, the saddest part here is that bodybuilders and models, who aim towards targeting a super lean body, end up with many problems. These include starvation and sicknesses such as amenorrhea, disordered eating, bones problems, and low libido. Forget having a social life, regular job or even parenthood, because that requires spare time which a super-lean plan won’t permit.

  • Tailoring an action plan:

A person without a fitness plan is equal to a boat sailing in the rough seas without any sense of direction. Sudden obstacles may just destroy and blow you away. Try to figure out your goals and ambitions in life. Work on the things you are willing to do, how much effort it would take, and how could you concisely get it right.  Monitor yourself weekly and observe the changes in you.

The bottom line is that having a lean body is not just about looking great, it’s about extending the length of your life. So, live a healthy life, free from worries. Avoid stressing out. Having lean muscles is important for both fat and skinny people. Keep a check in the amount of body fat. And visit your doctor or nutritionist every month for a health check.

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