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We likely unbox our thoughts when we know about running offers, discounts and free shipping options on our favourite products.

If you are looking for amazing deals on herbal and other cosmetics products, click on premiumrxdrugs to get the maximum benefits at your doorstep. One of the most likeable products of PRx is Careprost. If you are experiencing thin and sparse eyelashes and want to cover them naturally, bring careprost eyelash growth serum today to eliminate the mascara and falsies from your life. Now you can easily find the careprost in the USA and enjoy the benefits of free shipping.

Know about Careprost before you try it!

Careprost is a magical formula for those who want to make their eyelashes attractive. It is one of the successful remedies that not only treats glaucoma but also hypotrichosis (a condition of having inadequate eyelashes).

Careprost contains bimatoprost, and the Food and drug administration approves it. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient of careprost that promotes the growth of eyelashes. The careprost eye serum is a much cheaper brand than other lash serums available in the market. You can easily purchase careprost online in the USA with a few simple clicks to make your eyelashes noticeable.

Applying careprost is as easy as you apply eyeliner. Follow these simple tips to make Careprost work for you:

  1. Clean your hands and remove contact lenses (if you wear them) and eye makeup
  2. Take one drop (only) of serum on the provided applicator or a clean eyeliner brush and apply equally on your upper eyelid.
  3. Repeat the same process for another eye.
  4. Remove the access serum from your skin immediately (except the upper eyelid) if it gets dropped to avoid unwanted hair growth.
  5. For best results, apply careprost before bedtime.
  6. You should start to notice growth after a month of regular use. The complete course takes around four months to show the full results.
  7. Regular application of the careprost is necessary to experience the desired results of this ophthalmic solution.
  8. After completing the course, don’t stop using the serum. Apply Careprost twice or thrice a week to maintain the attractiveness of your eyelashes.
  9. Some users report eye itchiness, darker eyelids, or eye-burning sensations. These symptoms generally disappear on their own after some time. If these signs persist long, contact your eye specialist to seek immediate care.

Many online drugstores sell careprost at a lower price but make sure you only buy the quality and original product. As you must know, that careprost is manufactured by Sun Pharma, India, so it will be better if you buy Careprost online in the USA from the Indian drugstore to get the authentic product. Premiumrxdrugs is one of the best careprost suppliers that offer quality services with free shipping options. Careprost free shipping is available at attractive discounts, and you only need to choose the best provider who offers the original Careprost.

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