HCG Injection and Pregnancy Success

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Human chorionic gonadotropin injection is used as a fertility booster. For women who are trying to conceive, HCG injections increase the chances of pregnancy in these women. Read more to learn about the injection that may help you increase your chance of conception.

About HCG injections

HCH injections are made of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The protein hormone is released in the female body during pregnancy. The placenta in pregnant women secretes HCG hormone. The secretion of hormones stimulates natural progesterone (hormone) production. Progesterone prepares the uterine lining to allow the embryo to grow. Studies have shown that females having fertility issues may increase their chances of getting pregnant with the help of HCG treatment.

Importance of HCG injection

HCG is useful in assisting the follicles in maturing, and it triggers mature eggs to release from the follicles. In most cases, health care specialist prescribes pharmaceutical drugs like Clomid or HMG that induce ovulation and then gives the HCG shot. Once the HCG injections is inserted, it will help complete the egg maturation process and ensure that they are released.

Your healthcare specialist will monitor you closely if you take the injection.  Your healthcare provider will conduct regular ultrasounds to keep an eye on developing follicles so that he/she can determine if the eggs are ready. Once the follicles are mature, you will get injections and be provided with the dosage instructions.

Dosage instructions

Your healthcare provider can administer HCG injections at his place, or you can take them at home. HCG is meant to be injected subcutaneously in the thigh or belly. Note that ovulation will occur between 12 to 38 hours after taking the trigger shot. This is the time when insemination, egg harvesting, or timed sexual practice needs to take place. When taking a trigger shot, you will receive proper dosing instructions to schedule the fertility procedures for the exact time.

HCG trigger shot leads to pregnancy

HCG shot induces the final maturation and then ovulation of eggs. If this happens with timed sexual intercourse, the eggs may become fertilized, and you will finally get pregnant. Remember that the HCG injection will stay in your urine for over a week, giving you a false positive pregnancy test. This is why a healthcare specialist waits at least 14 days to conduct a blood test designed for HCG levels.

HCG treatment is used in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation to induce trigger ovulation in women with PCOS or to assist with IVF, ICSI, or IUI treatments. HCG shots are given in combination with other medications to induce ovulation. You can buy hcg online at affordable price from premiumrxdrugs.

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