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17 Jun
By Max Jones

An inability to get and maintain an erection is erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a common male sexual dysfunction problem. Lifestyle changes, eating disorders and certain medical conditions can cause ED problems.

What is erectile dysfunction?

An embarrassing condition that leads a man to think twice before sexual activity is erectile dysfunction. In simple terms, ED or impotence is a problem in which a man finds difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. This is a common problem among older people, but it is not a natural part of ageing.ED is not a matter of concern if you suffer from it few times. In case, impotence is an ongoing issue then it would be a matter of concern, as it can cause trouble in a relationship, stress, and affect your self-confidence. Many factors are responsible for the same condition, and these include the following:

Physical causes:

Physical causes sometimes lead to ED problems these include injuries and surgery treatment of the penis or surrounding areas. It has also been found that erectile dysfunction occurs in up to 15-25% of people who have experienced a severe head injury.

Neurogenic conditions:

There are various neurogenic conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction, these include the following:

• Parkinson’s disease- This is a neurodegenerative condition that is caused by insufficient quantities of dopamine, a chemical in the brain, which enables coordinated movement.

• A stroke- A serious condition that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted

Hormonal conditions:

Hormonal changes sometimes affect erectile problems. An imbalance in the levels of testosterone may affect the sex drive of a person. Below are other hormonal conditions that lead to impotency in men. • An overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) • An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)

Medical conditions:

There are various health issues that lead a person to the condition of ED. These are as follows:

• Diabetes- Diabetes itself is a bunch of diseases. It is a chronic illness that damages the nerves and blood vessels that aid in getting an erection.

• Atherosclerosis- It is an illness that causes the blood vessels to become clogged, and leads to impotence.

• High cholesterol and high blood pressure (hypertension)– These medical conditions are also associated with the increased risk for impotence.

Certain medications:

Certain medications affect the blood flow, which can lead to ED. These include: • Synthetic hormones, such as Leuprolide • Alpha-adrenergic blockers like Tamsulosin • Central nervous system stimulants including Cocaine or Amphetamines • Chemotherapy medications like Cimetidine • Beta-blockers like Carvedilol and Metoprolol

Psychological causes:

Numerous factors account for psychological causes of ED, and these include:

• Anxiety- Sometimes anxiety about a previous episode of erection problem can make it difficult for a man to get an erection.

• Depression- Feeling of extreme sadness lasting for a long time is depression

Other causes:

Obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, and high cholesterol are also the causes of erectile dysfunction.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

The doctor will ensure the treatment after analysing what causes erectile dysfunction? For some men, a change in lifestyle like quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising, reducing stress, and limiting alcohol may work efficiently. However, for severe state the doctor may recommend more intensive treatment, these include the following:

• Oral medications- Various oral medications or pills are available in the market to treat the ED state including Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. These drugs are world famous for overcoming the condition of impotence. All these drugs work by increasing the blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation and allow you to get a proper erection.

• Direct penis therapies- When ED pills fail to work then the doctors recommend penis therapies. In this therapy, medications like Alprostadil and Papaverine are injected into the penis or inserted into the urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen outside the body) to increase the blood flow.

• Testosterone replacement therapy- In some men, lower levels of testosterone cause erectile dysfunction problem. In this case, testosterone replacement therapy is recommended as the first step.

Penis pumps- When medications aren’t effective in your case, your doctor might recommend other treatment options that include penis pumps. This treatment option is used right before sexual intercourse to pull the blood into the penis. Penis pumps help the person in maintaining the desired erection.

• Penile implants- Penile implants advise for young men who don’t respond to other therapies. In this treatment process, a surgically placing device into the two sides of the penis is used, which consist either inflatable or semirigid rods. The semirigid rods keep the penis firm and also allow bending.

• Blood vessel surgery- Blood vessel surgeries are recommended by the doctors only when leaking vessels cause ED.

Conclusion: Erectile dysfunction is a heartbreaking condition, as it downgrades the morale of a person. But, the treatment options mentioned above may help you in overcoming the situation of impotence. So, be wise with your choice and lead a happy life.

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