Premature Ejaculation and its Treatment

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Premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates too quickly. It can be a very distressing condition for most men. When the issue threatens to affect your sexual pleasure, it is important to seek medical help.

There are many factors that handle premature ejaculation. Studies suggest that several biological reasons make men more prone to the condition. Psychological factors such as depression, stress, etc. can also affect a person. Sometimes, physical issues such as spinal cord issue or an inflamed prostate gland can be a contributing factor too.

Premature ejaculation can be of two types:

• Primary disorder, which is lifelong

• Secondary disorder, which is temporary

A primary disorder is when a man has never had any control over his ejaculation right from the very beginning. If not treated, it will continue for the rest of his life. Primary ejaculation can be due to certain chemical imbalances in the body.

The secondary disorder is when the issue has developed after a period of normal sexual functioning. It is often due to relationship issues, stress or erectile problems.

Premature ejaculation happens immediately before or after penetration. Though there is no exact ‘time limit’ to define it, it means lasting less than a couple of minutes. To manage the issue, it is important to know the premature ejaculation causes.

There can be several reasons for premature ejaculation including cultural conditioning where sex is a shameful activity, relationship problems, addiction to alcohol and smoking and stress among others. The disorder is more common in younger men as ejaculation takes more time as men get older and also they are less likely to feel insecure or anxious, unlike younger, inexperienced men.

Some of the important signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation are:

• Quick ejaculation

• Less sexual stimulation

• No control over ejaculation

• Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, or frustration

Your doctor will examine the symptoms and discuss your sexual history to understand the problem. Sometimes the issue goes away within a few days when the psychological factors have been worked. In other cases where there are lasting difficulties, medical help might be required.

Premature Ejaculation Prevention

There is no known method to stop premature ejaculation. However, there are certain things that you can keep in mind.

1. Check your attitude towards sex. Only a healthy attitude without any feelings of guilt, frustration or anxiety can help you have a good sex life.

2. Communicate with your partner about your sexual issues and seek her support. One out of every five men experience sexual issues, so there is no need to feel bad.

3. Behavioural therapy is one of the methods of premature ejaculation treatment. Prescription drugs are also very helpful in delaying ejaculation.

4. Keep in mind, premature ejaculation is often a side effect of some drugs, especially the ones that are used to treat depression. So check with your doctor if these medicines are causing the problem.

5. Stress affects all aspects of our lives including our sexual health. It is very important to practise some relaxation techniques to help soothe your nerves and enable you to have a relaxed and happy sexual relationship with your partner.

6. Limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco can help in improving sexual health considerably. These severely affect a person and staying away from them can be the key to good sexual health.

Ejaculating prematurely once or twice might not mean that you have a serious condition. However, if it is happening time and again and is posing a major problem in your sex life, it is best to seek medical help. Several men may go through a short period of premature ejaculation before improving on their own.

Conclusion: Premature ejaculation can create sexual dissatisfaction and relationship problems with the partner. When untreated for a long period it can lead to irritability and serious emotional issues. It can have a significant effect on your self-confidence. It is important to treat it as early as possible. Your doctor can do a thorough examination and suggest some premature ejaculation or Erectile dysfunction treatment methods to help you. With the right guidance, you can get rid of the problem and lead an active sexual life.

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